Hi, I'm Tam
I'm full-stack web developer.

Im a senior web developer with more than 6 years of software development experience.

What I can do?


I'm quite fullstack on web development. I can work on dilligent frontend stuffs (HTML5 | CSS3 | AngularJs | Vue.JS)


I worked with backend system: ASP.NET | Node.js | Python


I worked with RDBMS: SQL Server | Postgresql | Mysql) or NoSQL (MongoDb | Firebase | Redis

More things

I'm comfortable with both Windows & Linux (any distros) as well as up-to-date best tools & practices for a web ninja: Continuous Integration & Continuous Deployment, Docker, Chef, Puppet, Ansible. In my free time, I would love playing around with ETL, data scraping or doing machine learning stuffs.